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Jan 16, 2013 12:00pm PST
doubles the bet and the oprah interview is in some ways the ultimate doubling of the bet, he pushes everything on the table and said, look, there is where i am going to try to do to get out of this. >> rose: so what are you looking for? each of you in the oprah interview? >> well, you know, i don't -- i was asking myself that same question and i really don't know what to say, like he will confess. >> rose: right. >> i don't, having done some reporting on lance armstrong i would fool myself i could interpret the thoughts of a goldfish before i think i know what lance armstrong is thinking so judging his contrition is not an issue to me, strategically this looks like 15 years of deny, deny nye until there was about penny left from deneigh and let's see what we can get from confessing so i think a lot of people will try to interpret his emotions and mannerisms and to me, i am in a place where i understand i can't even begin to do that, beyond his confession -- >> rose: what are you looking for, daniel? >> i am looking for what he says to the people he hurt, i mean for what he says to t
Jan 15, 2013 12:00pm PST
always a safe bet to say gun control speaks the day of a terrible moment of violence and the passion subside. i think there may be a counter to the nra this time that didn't exist before. gabby giffords and her husband have started an effort. the principal owner of bloomberg lp michael wloomberg cares passionately about this and will spend a lot of money. and i see earlier indications that that could have some success. i would bet against any assault weapons ban, but i think there really could be a real struggle over that. >> rose: when you look at these issues of nominee for secretary of defense, nominee for secretary of the treasury, and these criticisms on diversity, what did he say about that, major? >> well, the president said just hold on a minute. wait until i have made my appointments but for at point. s made so far on the national security side, all white males, treasury secretary, jack lew, an insider, chief of staff now moving over there, there are those who look at this administration and say not only is he not diverse as diverse tas was the first term, but it doe
Jan 2, 2013 11:00pm PST
qualcomm. we can afford to invest for very long-term bets so we do, but there are not that many companies able to do that. un google does a very similar thing. they invest for long term, microsoft does it. look what happened to bell labs. bell labs is a shadow was what it was. it's a private sector thing poopts very scary. i think there is a huge place for the government in that, but not necessarily making all of choices, but providing the infrastructure so that great researchers stay in the united states and they do the research and they contribute that to the general knowledge. because a lot of incredible things have come out of government-sponsored research. >> rose: it's great to have you here, paul jacobs, c.e.o. of qualcomm, thank you. >> thank you. >> rose: pleasure. >> jad abumrad and robert krulwich are here, cohosts of "radiolab," devoted to ideas such as space, time, and mortality. it it's said they have digested all the storytelling and production tricks of everybody in public radio before them, invented some slick moves of their own andeated the rarest thinyou can c
Jan 8, 2013 11:00pm PST
succeed but in the summer of 2009 they didn't believe we could or would andthey we hedging their bets to avoid paying the price if we didn't. of course we had to affect the american populous. we had to show parents where their sons and daughters were in a very difficult war a long way away. the first thing we had to was change people's attitude and say this is a new ball game. we're going to do this more seriously. we are going to do this right. we are going to focus and we are going to take everybody's interests into account. we can succeed and we will succeed. >> rose: success would be defined as? >> an afghanistan that could defend it'own sovereignty. did t thinkt was our mission to craft a perfect afghanistan. i thought it was our aspiration, our goal to create a strong enough afghan security force, stable enough relations with pakistan, and hopefully a legitimate and credible enough afghan government that it could hold together as a national state protected sovereignty. not perfectly. it will still have to do computer and counterinsurgency. >> rose: you have expressed some sense
Jan 18, 2013 11:30pm EST
these cheats it kills it. we have -- >> rose: steroids in baseball or betting on baseball. >> any cheats. i just think cheating in sport is something that just-- is it it kills everybody because it is killing a dream. it's killing something that is escapism for all of us and it has to be pure. >> rose: if lance armstrong says everybody else is doing it. >> it's the i was only obeying orders doctrine. it never carries any succor with me. there's no courage -- >> rose: have you interviewed lance armstrong? >> i've never interviewed him. i would feel very angry if i interviewed him because i know the damage he did to a lot of people, the deliberate damage. he was a nasty piece of work with a lot of these journalists. >> rose: threatening and lawsuits. you know the interesting thing about that, you know, you know that you're lying, so you know who you are. >> it's an amazing thing to then go after people. to deny it but actively sue them and try to ruin their lives, get them fired, wher ruin their jobs and livelihood. more than that with him. he created this whole livestrong charity which ra
Jan 14, 2013 11:00pm PST
start with you. characterize for me the president in temperment and in words on the bet dealin dealing -- ceiling. >> charlie, i think he realizes he has a winning hand substantively on this and there will be caveats in just a moment. i was truck,-- struck, however that what this really, his last press conference his first term showed he should have had a lot more than he did. because he's rusty. if was almost analogy can be made to that first debate. he went on too long for a while. he stepped on his narrative some. and if you read t i think reads better than it looked. the reason i say i think he believes he has the upper hand on the debt sealing is because republicans have a losing hand. they don't want to hold the full faith and credit of the united states hostage to cutting entitlements. that's just not a winning hand but there are other games they can play in the middle on that and i think that obama did at best a fairly good job today in countering that. >> rose: major? >> well, the president uses press conference primarily, charlie, to tell the republicans in the countries that
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)